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Woodford Community Council Constitution


Here you can read the Council's constitution in full, but if you prefer not to read it on the computer screen you can download a copy in PDF format or print it by clicking here. Note that, if it is not installed on your PC, you will need the free 'Adobe Reader' software to view this document. It can be downloaded from the Adobe website here.


You can find out who is on the Woodford Community Council here.


1 Purpose and Objectives
1.1   Woodford Community Council (hereafter referred to as WCC) was established in 1974 to promote the interests of the residents of Woodford, Cheshire, by addressing issues that affect the community. It is a non-political organisation run entirely by volunteers.
1.2 WCC shall provide liaison between Woodford residents and statutory authorities, in particular Stockport MBC, and other relevant bodies, over any matters falling within its remit, including, but not limited to, planning applications and local developments, environmental concerns such as roads and litter, public footpaths and rights of way, and local amenities such as the Woodford War Memorial Community Centre and major businesses.
1.3 Following appropriate discussion and consultation, WCC shall take such action as appears to be expedient and practicable in the interests of the Community.
1.4 WCC is empowered to propose or work towards the formation and establishment of a Neighbourhood Forum. This may take the form of either a sub-group of WCC or an independent organisation. Such sub-group or organisation will be required to have its own constitution compliant with national legislation contained within the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by the Localism Act 2011.
2 Composition
2.1 WCC shall be composed of up to 15 elected members, who shall be over 18 years old and reside within the Woodford boundaries.
2.2 Members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall serve for a period of three years, with one-third retiring each year on a rolling basis to ensure continuity of WCC business. Retiring members shall be eligible for re-election for further three-year periods.
2.3 WCC may co-opt additional members on an ad hoc basis to provide advice, guidance or assistance on specific matters of interest or relevance to the Community.
3 Office Bearers
3.1 A Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be nominated by WCC from amongst its membership on the basis that such persons shall be current committee members and shall have served for at least one year on the committee before being eligible for nomination. Where there is more than one nomination for a position, the appointment shall be determined by majority vote taken at the AGM.
3.2 Each officer shall serve for a maximum term of three years, after which period he or she shall be eligible to seek re-appointment.
4 Meetings
4.1 WCC shall meet on a regular basis, generally no fewer than five times a year, with a provisional timetable for meetings being agreed at the beginning of each year.
4.2 The Calling notice/agenda for each meeting shall be prepared by the Secretary, in consultation with the Chairman, and circulated to all members at least two weeks beforehand.
4.3 The quorum for any meeting of WCC shall be six.
4.4 The Secretary shall prepare the Minutes of each meeting and circulate them to all members of WCC. The Minutes shall be confirmed at the next meeting and then made available on the Woodford Community website.
5 Finances
5.1 All funds received by WCC, from any source, shall be used solely for the purposes outlined in clause 1.
5.2 WCC shall maintain a bank account for all funds, with two specified signatures (in general those of the Chairman and Treasurer) required for any transaction. 
5.3 The Treasurer shall keep proper financial records of all income received, arrange for payment of expenditure duly authorised by WCC and prepare annual accounts for presentation at the Annual General Meeting. 
6 Communication
6.1 WCC shall communicate with residents by any appropriate means, which may include:
  • the Community Notice board;
  • the Community website;
  • newsletters delivered to residents.
6.2 Contact details for the Chairman and Secretary shall be provided to facilitate and encourage communications and comments from residents.
7 Annual General Meetings
7.1 An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in November each year. The agreed date shall be publicised as early in the year as possible and full details including the agenda circulated to all residents at least three weeks beforehand.
7.2 The business of the AGM shall include:
  • the Chairman’s report;
  • the presentation of the annual Accounts by the Treasurer;
  • the election of members of the WCC.
In addition, guest speakers may be invited to give presentations on issues of interest and relevance to the Community.
8 Extraordinary General Meetings
8.1 WCC may at any time call for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) if it is deemed necessary to do so, supported by a formal written resolution. The rules and voting rights shall apply as defined within an AGM.
8.2 WCC shall call an EGM if a written request to do so, signed by at least 25 residents, is submitted. The reason for the EGM shall be supported by a formal resolution and notified to the Secretary, or in his/her absence to a WCC member, allowing four clear weeks’ notice.
8.3 The notice calling the meeting shall state the object of the proposed meeting and shall be notified to residents at least three weeks beforehand.
9 Amendments to the Constitution
9.1 Any proposed amendments to the constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least three weeks before the date of the next WCC meeting.
9.2 Such amendments shall be posted on the WCC notice board and circulated to members with the agenda for consideration and discussion at the meeting.
9.3 Changes to the constitution agreed by WCC shall be put forward for approval at the next AGM.
10 Dissolution
10.1 If it is considered necessary or advisable to dissolve WCC (for example, if insufficient numbers of residents are willing to serve as office bearers or members of the Council), an appropriate resolution shall be proposed for consideration at the next AGM or at a specially convened EGM. At least four weeks’ notice of the proposed resolution shall be given to all residents. The resolution shall be carried if supported by a majority of those present at that meeting.
10.2 In the event of dissolution, all outstanding debts and liabilities shall be settled and any remaining assets used for charitable purposes within the Community.


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