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Newsletters - 2020

Newsletter - 25th January 2021 - Woodford Community Council AGM, GMSF update, Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040, Woodford History Update, Woodford Wildlife Update and Woodford Footpath guided walk. Click here.

Newsletter - 19th November 2020 - Woodford Community Council AGM, Roadworks to bridge that carries Hall Moss Lane, Footpath Closure and Woodford Neighbourhood Forum Update. Click here.

Newsletter - November 2020 - Woodford Community Council AGM, Latest draft of GMSF, Woodford Neighbourhood Forum Update and Woodford Wildlife. Click here.

Newsletter - August 2020 - Climate Change Consultation, Poynton Relief Road, No Waiting near Foden Lane, Tracing Family History, Woodford History, Woodford Footpaths, Woodford Wildlife, WCC Funding and WCC Funding. Click here.

Newsletter - July 2020 - WNF Update, Woodford History, Woodford Footpaths, Roadworks, WCC Funding and WCC Funding, New WCC committee members welcome and Sponsors. Click here.

Newsflash - 18th May 2020 - News from SMBC - Walk Ride groups, bin collections reminder and donate to, or sponsor, WCC - click here.

Newsflash - 12th April 2020 - Extra green bin collections - click here.

Newsletter - March - April 2020 - Coronavirus helpline for vulnerable people, SMBC Information, noticeboard, website, funding and sponsors. Click here.

Newsletter - 29th February 2020 - New constitution, future activities, call for committee members, funding, Woodford history, protect yourself from burglary and sponsors. Click here.

Newsletters - 2019

Newsflash - 26th November 2019 - Reminder of the date of the Woodford Community Council 2019 AGM. Click here.

Newsflash - 22nd October 2019 - Confirmed AGM Dates for Woodford Neighbourhood Forum, Woodford Community Centre and Woodford Community Council. Click here.

Newsflash - 18th September 2019 - Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result, AGM Dates for Woodford Neighbourhood Forum, Woodford Community Centre and Woodford Community Council, Macmillan Coffee Morning, Avro Heritage Open Day, WCC Sponsors and Just Giving. Click here.

Newsflash - September 2019 - Tour of Britain Cycle Race Saturday 14th September 2019, final stage passes through Woodford. Click here.

Newsletter - June 2019 - Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF), North Cheshire Garden Village (NCGV), Woodford Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) and AVRO Heritage Museum - AVRO Air Fair 'Wings and Wheels'. Click here.

Newsflash - March 2019 - Greater Manchester Consultation Closing, GMSF Proposals and Woodford Neighbourhood Plan Consultation. Click here.

Newsflash - February 2019 - Revised Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) and GMSF drop-in events. Click here.

Newsletters - 2018

Newsflash - November 2018 - Woodford Neighbourhood Plan Consultation, Woodford Neighbourhood Forum Designation Extended, Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and Woodford Community Council AGM. Click here.

Newsletter - September 2018 - GMSF update, Woodford Neighbourhood Plan, WNF AGM, Traffic calming measures on Moor Lane, Church Lane and Blossoms Lane, AVRO Heritage Museum, Woodford War Memorial Community Centre, WCC AGM, Diary Dates and Sponsors. Click here.

Newsletters - 2017

Newsletter - 29th August 2017 - Stockport Borough Local Plan, SEMMMS Refresh (Part 1) - Public Consultation on Stockport Transport Issues and Options, and Greater Manchester Spatial Framework. Click here.

Newsletter - 19th June 2017 - "So far so good,” say Spatial Framework protestors, “but we need the new Mayor to share more information" and Party Time in Bramhall! Click here.

Newsletter - 16th March 2017 - Join Us To Save The Green Belt Grab, Traffic calming measures on Moor Lane, Church Lane and Blossoms Lane, AVRO Heritage Museum, 1st Woodford Scout Group - helpers/assistants required and Roadworks in and around Woodford. Click here.

Newsletter - 6th January 2017 - 'Save The Greenbelt Walk' and Greater Manchester Spatial Framework Proposals revised consultation deadline. Click here.

Newsletters - 2016

Newsflash - 7th November 2016 - Greater Manchester Spatial Framework Proposals. Click here.

Newsflash - 7th November 2016 - Greater Manchester Spatial Framework Proposals. Click here.

Newsflash - 2nd November 2016 - Proposals rip the green heart out of Woodford. Details emerged on 20th October of plans to take 238 hectares (nearly 600 acres) of Green Belt out of the heart of Woodford to make way for 2,400 new homes. Click here.

Newsflash - 7th April 2016 - 5,000 new homes around Woodford ...if Cheshire East Council gets its way. Have your say and respond to the CEC Consultation and major roadworks in Woodford. Click here.

Newsletters - 2015

Newsflash - 23rd November 2015 - Major Roadworks in Woodford, AVRO Heritage Museum, WCC AGM and Relief Road Consultation. Click here.

Newsflash - 10th October 2015 - Last ever Vulcan flypast. Click here.

Newsflash - 12th June 2015 - Major Roadworks in Woodford, Vulcan to Visit and Your Vision for the Future of Woodford. Click here.

Newsletter - 3rd June 2015 - History of Woodford’s Airfield is shortly to Come Alive and Your Vision for the Future of Woodford. Click here.

Newsletter - 26th February 2015 - Demolition Commences on the ex-BAE Site, A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road - Exhibitions. Click here.
Note: The Woodford Update 01 Report referred to in the newsletter above can be downloaded or viewed here.

Newsletters - 2014

Newsflash - 11th December 2014 - Disappointment for Woodford. Click here.

Newsflash - 22nd October2014 - Woodford Aerodrome Planning Application on hold. Click here.

Newsflash - 9th October 2014 - Green Belt in Woodford Under Threat – You Can Help! Click here.

Newsflash - 8th August 2014 - Woodford let down by Lib-Dem Councillors and Woodford Neighbourhood Forum AGM 7.30 pm 29th September 2014 At Woodford Community Centre. Click here.

Newsflash - 11th July 2014 - New Dates for Woodford Aerodrome Planning Application Meetings and 'Clean Up Woodford' Day. Click here.

Newsflash - 13th June 2014 - Woodford Aerodrome Planning Application Meeting Postponed. Click here.

Newsletter - June 2014 - Woodford Aerodrome Planning Application Meeting, Nick Boles, Minister for Planning, Visits Woodford, Consultation on Poynton Relief Road, Woodford LocalLink Flexible Bus Service, Plans for Development at Handforth Submitted to Secretary of State and Woodford Neighbourhood Forum Questionnaire on Planning the Future for Woodford. Click here.

Newsletter - February 2014 - Woodford Objects to ex-BAE Site Planning Applications, Handforth Development Will Encroach Deeper into Green Belt Adjacent to Woodford, Planning Application for the Avro Heritage Museum, Proposal to Change the Local Ward Name to: “Bramhall South and Woodford” and SEMMMS Update. Click here.

Newsletters - 2013

Newsletter - December 2013 - Consultation on ex-BAE Site Planning Applications, Credit Card Crime and can you help an ex-Woodford Student? Click here.

Newsflash - 14th November 2013 - Woodford Annual General Meeting - your community needs you! Click here.

Newsflash - 20th September 2013 - Woodford Aerodrome Public Exhibitions Additional Exhibition Date and Keep Woodford Tidy. Click here.

Newsletter - September 2013 - Woodford Aerodrome Public Exhibitions, Woodford Neighbourhood Forum, Woodford Garden Village Stakeholder Workshop, Woodford Aerodrome Latest, Woodford War Memorial Community Centre AGM, Help to Keep Woodford Tidy and Woodford Community Council AGM. Click here

Newsletter - June 2013 - Woodford Neighbourhood Forum - Consultation, Woodford Aerodrome Latest, SEMMMS: A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road Phase 2 Consultation and 'Clean Up Woodford' day. Click here

Newsletter - 25th February 2013 - Minister for Communities and Local Government visits Woodford. Click here

Newsletter - February 2013 - SMBC approves the revised Woodford Aerodrome Opportunity Site Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), the most significant changes made in the SPD and the need for Woodford United’s continuing effort. Click here

Newsletters - 2012

Newsflash - 7th December 2012 - Revised Woodford Aerodrome SPD Released, Approval Process Committee Meeting Cycle, Support Woodford United, Stockport Council's Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme Area Committee extraordinary meeting and Christmas Festivities. Click here.

Latest Newsflash - 8th October 2012 - Public Meeting with the Opportunity to Ask Questions on Woodford Aerodrome SPD. Have you made your comments on the Woodford Aerodrome Supplementary Planning Document? Woodford United Exhibitions. Click here.

Latest Newsflash - 21st September 2012 - Respond to the Public Consultation on Woodford Aerodrome Supplementary Planning Document, report on the first Woodford Exhibitions and all the contact details you need to make your views known. Click here.

Newsletter 29th August 2012 - Fate of the Woodford Aerodrome site is up for consultation, Woodford United updates, SMBC exhibitions, timetable for consultation and adoption of the SPD and Happy Diamond Jubilee to the Avro Vulcan. Click here.

Newsletter 25th June 2012 - "Woodford United” Launched, SPD Delayed, Woodford residents express their opinions on the proposed Woodford Aerodrome development, Woodford Aerodrome site news, Poynton reveal their plans for the Cheshire East end of Woodford Aerodrome and Christ Church Woodford Summer Fair. Click here

Newsletter - June 2012 - Led up the Garden Village path!? Woodford Needs Your Help NOW! "Woodford United" Working Group. Click here

Newsflash - May 2012 - Woodford Aerodrome redevelopment - meet the new owners, developers, planners and council representatives and voice your opinions. Click here

Newsletter - March 2012 - The future for Woodford Aerodrome and it's all go for SEMMMS. Click here

Newsletters - 2011

Newsflash - 24th October 2011 - Threat to Woodford Green Belt Click here

Newsflash - 19th October 2011 - Billionaire heir to the JCB empire is behind plans to buy BAE Systems' Woodford site with a view to transforming it into film studios, housing and a leisure complex, including an equestrian centre and point-to-point race course. Click here

Newsflash - July 2011 - Public meeting on findings of Design Workshop on the future of Woodford. Click here

Newsflash - Late May 2011 - Public exhibition attracts 100s | Invitation to Design Workshop on Woodford's Future. Click here

Newsflash - May 2011 - BAE Public Exhibition. Click here

Newsletter Edition 3 - April 2011 - Airfield Matters | Woodford Matters. Click here

Newsflash March 2011 - Public Involvement Programme. Click here

Newsletter Edition 2 - February 2011 - Jobs or Houses? | Transport Infrastructure | People Power. Click here

Newsflash - January 2011 - Meeting re the future of the BAE site. Click here

Newsletters - 2010

Newsletter Edition 1 - December 2010 - BAE News | Woodford’s future | What’s on. Click here

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